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About Us

Montana Catholic Conference

Montana Catholic Conference was incorporated in 1969 to represent, in the public policy arena, the Roman Catholic Bishops in each of Montana's two dioceses. The Bishops, with the Board of Directors, are the governing authority of the Montana Catholic Conference. Decisions made by the Board of Directors are subject to the approval of the Bishops. The diocesan Bishops are members for the duration of their office. Selected members of the Board of Directors serve a three-year term, renewable twice and the Knights of Columbus representative serve a two-year term.

The Board of Directors meets biannually.

Inspired by Scripture, Tradition and Catholic social teaching, the Montana Catholic Conference serves the Bishops by:

  1. Surfacing from the people of God in the State of Montana, their social justice needs.
  2. Informing and advising the Bishops, who in turn may direct the Conference to inform and advise parishes, other Catholic Church organizations, and interested persons concerning matters of public policy, the legislative process, activities of governmental agencies and personnel, and the social and moral implications of these issues.
  3. Helping to shape public policy that protects the sanctity and dignity of all human life; nurtures the family; advocates for the poor; the sick and the vulnerable; and promotes the common good.
  4. Promoting such programs as may be authorized by the Bishops and its Board of Directors, and carrying out its assigned tasks to accomplish its goals.

Our Bishops

Most Reverend Austin Anthony Vetter
Most Reverend Austin Anthony Vetter

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Most Reverend Michael W. Warfel
Most Reverend Michael W. Warfel

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MCC Board of Directors 2021

Board Members

Coreen Glen

Billings, MT

Allen Cormany

Knights of Columbus representative

Helena, MT

Rev. Cory Sticha

Fort Shaw, MT

Candace Cain

Helena, MT

Deacon Charles Harball

Kalispell, MT

Rev. Richard Francesco

Helena, MT

Mike Mayott


Billings, MT

Monica Gallegos-Laeupple

Vice President

Havre, MT

Most Rev. Austin Anthony Vetter

Bishop of the Diocese of Helena

Laure Pengelly Drake


Missoula, MT

Most Rev. Michael W. Warfel

Bishop of the Diocese of Great Falls-Billings

Ex Officio Members

Very Rev. Jay Peterson

Diocese of Great Falls-Billings

Rev. Jeff Fleming

Diocese of Helena

Staff Members

Matthew Brower

Executive Director